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At The King’s College, we welcome feedback from everyone as it lets us know how we’re doing and gives us the opportunity to improve our services for you.

Please use this form to:

  • Compliment a service or staff

  • Make a comment or suggestion about how we can improve our service

  • Lodge a concern or complaint

Your rights in relation to feedback:

At The King’s College, we respect everyone’s right to:

  • Provide us with compliments, comments and complaints and for us to respond to this as an opportunity for input and improvement;

  • Know what to expect and when;

  • Be treated respectfully, authentically, confidentially and compassionately;

  • Continuation of professional interaction with the organisation;

  • Not be forced, threatened, bribed, or discouraged from lodging a compliment, comment or complaint when you have expressed a wish to do so;

  • Processes and decisions that are balanced, fair and just;

  • Be supported, including being supported by an Advocate;

  • Appeal and have an independent review.

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Lodge a Concern or Complaint

Complaints Process Flowchart:  Staff  |  Parents or Students 

Details of our Complaints Management policies and procedures can be found on our website, SEQTA School Documents and Staff Intranet.

Concerns or complaints that relate to the Principal should be made in writing to the Board Chair of The King's College Board.

  • By Email:

  • By Post: Board Chair, The King's College, PO Box 450, Kwinana WA 6966

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